upCake and upMatic MGE Bonuses

For both upCake and upMatic most things are the same, including some great bonuses. We will also give a first look at how upOnly Flowers like OctaDahlia will ensure the vaults of upTokens keep filling back up even faster than before.

2 min readOct 18, 2021

If you want to participate in the MGEs the links can be found here: UpMatic, UpCake


Now that our infrastructure has been deployed to all chains it a much quicker process to expand the collection.

upMatic will have 2 different NFT rewards for MGE contributors above a certain threshold. There will be a common and a rare version, with the rare version going to only the top 4.2% of the users who receive it. Other users can still collect common NFTs and upgrade them into a rare one.

upCake MGE participants will receive one of 3 NFTs. The standard common and rare will be given out to a percent of MGE participants. We have also created 1 bonus NFTs that will go to the following groups shortly after the other 2 are released when the MGEs end.

  • Users who enter both the upMatic and the upCake MGEs will receive an NFT

These NFTs will have all the features of other upNFTs, they will be tradable in a Uniswap style experience, they can be upgraded, and they can be staked to collect Fees. Please have a read of our NFT Medium article to find out more

How upTokens and upOnly Tokens are connected;

upOnly Tokens within the Octadalia or Octalily Gardens are designed to pair against existing popular Tokens. Tokens like CAKE, or BUSD, including our very own upTokens like upBNB. What this allows us to do is ensure they stay very well connected, so much so, that Flowers in these gardens will funnel trading fees back to their parent upTokens.

There can be many upOnly tokens paired against the same main token like BNB or ETH, but there is always only 1 upToken for each pairing. In essence we we will have a large number of upOnly tokens feeding fees into a single upToken Vault.

The First OctaDahlia Cake and Matic Pairs

upOnly tokens never go down, as a trade off they have a large fee and go up slowly. The normal market experience is to have good timing on your entry and exit of a trade. In upOnly markets you need to wait for enough volume to happen, and once you are in profit that never changes. How much profit is determined by how much volume happens while you are holding the position.

CAKE / OctaDahlia pair on Pancakeswap on Binance Smart Chain:

MATIC / OctaDahlia pair on QuickSwap on POLYGON: