UPTOBER Madness Begins at UpNFT.Finance

Claimable Airdrops going out at upNFT.finance to over 11,000 people will consist of 4 different NFTs — to start.

2 min readOct 7, 2021


These are:

Common Flying Carpet on Ethereum

Common Flying Carpet on BSC

Common Flying Carpet on MATIC

Common CZ Pixel Art on upBNB

Any user who was holding any of our tokens or participated in a staking contract will be eligible. The user snapshot was taken at ETH block number 12480805

This includes ROOT, upBNB, upTether, iFUND, xUpBNB, KETH LP, WETH LP and iGOV. Users who want the SuperCharged NFT will have to acquire and combine multiple Common NFTs to Upgrade to the SuperCharged NFT at the Forge.

Let’s talk about how Rootkit has reinvented NFTs:

- NFTs can be upgraded from Common to SuperCharged

- The Forge, where NFTs can be upgraded

- SuperCharged NFTs can be staked to earn Reward

- A new mechanic for trading NFTs on UniswapV2

NFTs in the current crypto space account for a unique, one-of-a-kind token representing an asset, often visualized by unique art. We’ve enhanced this concept by developing an entirely new NFT system. Our system will let you Upgrade a set number of Common NFTs into a SuperCharged NFT by using our Forge.

Differences between Chains.

Users on different blockchains will receive a different NFT but it will have the same artwork. Each chain will have a different number of NFTs issued. The Forging process on each blockchain will require a different amount of Common NFTs in order to Upgrade. Only SuperCharged NFTs can be staked and will receive a percent of the fees collected by all present and future tokens on each chain. The fees will be collected in the main coin for that chain, you will receive ETH or BNB respectively.

Users will have 69 days to claim or they will forfeit their NFT.

Another Opportunity to Invent..

We believe that NFT holders should benefit from the fees.

Prior to our system there was no standard for users to collect fees on their NFTs. We had to choose between nontransparent contracts or using existing platforms that do support fees, however, the process is convoluted. In order to make a straightforward system we decided to launch our own infrastructure.

The NFT’s we mint on ETH and Matic will be tradable on opensea.io, albeit with a fee. The BSC NFT’s will be tradable on other platforms as they are developed. Because there are no fees paid to us, we’ll be taking one NFT from each upgrade instead.

With each new token release we will release a new NFT for users who participate in the MGE for that token. The new NFT releases will dilute the NFT staking contract, and so will every upgraded NFT over time. Early users will benefit more from NFT staking, creating a system that inspires and rewards holding.