The Market Generation Event (MGE) contracts are the best way to show the power of spending the same value twice using our ERC-31337 token wrapper.

When the Generation Phase ends and the pools are created, all of the upToken’s supply will be locked into liquidity and no more can be minted. This means the value raised is effectively “trapped” as there will be no circulating coins to sell into the pool.

The sweep function from the ERC-31337 Token Standard is then called to extract the trapped tokens and automatically preform a series of market buys with nearly all of the…

I am new to the Rootkit community. What should I know about the project?

Rootkit leverages the ERC-31337 standard — an open source technology developed by the team which leverages liquidity captured from permanently locked liquidity pools to unlock new possibilities. Read more about the project here.

Where can I learn more about ERC-31337?

We have dedicated an article to explain the concepts around a price floor, titled “The Power of a Price Floor”.

Who is part of the Rootkit team and how can I be sure this is not a rug?

Root is an anonymous team of passionate DeFi…

Digital money for a digital age. Global, fast and up-only.

Stablecoins have established its crucial role within the cryptoverse. As a medium of exchange backstopped by a store of value, there have been numerous systems deployed as a means to distribute, stabilize and transact value.

We have seen such systems (not limited to)

  1. Fiat backed systems — dollar reserves.
  2. Crypto backed systems — crypto reserves.
  3. Commodity backed systems — stabilized by hard assets such as gold, silver or real estate.
  4. Seigniorage systems — algorithmic systems adjusting a token’s supply in accordance to demand.

From the above, fiat backed stables such…

ROOT was the first project to successfully utilize the ERC-31337 protocol, demonstrating what is possible by enabling access to permanently locked liquidity within an AMM (Automated Market Maker) system. To learn more about the ERC-31337 protocol, refer to: [The Power of a Price Floor]

After learnings derived from pushing the system to its limits, we are happy to announce the upcoming plans we have in store for the community.

Aggressive Ecosystem Expansion

Starting with Tether, the goal is to now incorporate the ERC-31337 protocol into as many tokens as humanly possible. This effectively reimagines the entire cryptocurrency landscape with the vision to only…

AMM Manipulation, Market Adoption & Activating Investment Strategies.

(It’s an inverted Glider… because, reasons.)

Happy News Years everyone. It’s been an amazing start to the new years. Both Bitcoin + Rootkit have broken ATHs and it seems like Ethereum’s ATH is right around the corner.

The team has gotten together post-holidays to discuss about A LOT of different subjects which I will be breaking down in this article. Most will be good news, some bad.

So let’s just rip the band-aid off and start with the bad news….

1. Launchpad is Delayed

(Ok band-aid is fully ripped off & before the pain sets in, allow me to give you a…

We’re finishing off the year big and getting ready for an even bigger 2021.

Here’s what to expect between now and Christmas:

  • Deploying and verifying a new calculator;
  • Sweeping 1400+ ETH to the vault;
  • Adding 1 million USD value of liquidity.

Current Calculator

Our current calculator keeps our system extremely over backed with ETH. Even if the wBTC and wETH contracts had critical bugs that were used to drain the ROOT from our pools, there would still be no risk of holders not being able to exit. This is far beyond overkill and results in a lot of idle value that could be used to push ROOT value up instead.

New Calculator

Our new calculator will look at…

Breaking down how AMMs work, so we can make it better.

(It’s an inverted Glider… because, reasons.)

Hey ROOT community, we’d like to apologize for our lack of communication lately. Unfortunately some of the team got sick due to normal change in weather. However, it’s come & gone and we’re ready to get back to work.

We’ve also received multiple DMs from individuals worried that we’ll just leave after governance is implemented (like so many other dev teams do).

Let me squash that FUD bug immediately by saying that we do not plan on quitting the project. Rootkit is something we plan on working on for…

Yes, we’re still here. :)


We are officially announcing our buyback!


Monday, 12/7/2020

Christmas 12/25/2020

As previously stated in our Community Update — #1, we’re updating the Floor Calculator. This upgrade should unlock over 500 ETH into the vault. We’ve already begun discussions to get an audit done and have just recently paid for a popular marketing firm to help create marketing content that will bring more exposure to the project. …

We’re releasing another new and unique mechanic into the wild, a rebase that only affects tokens in the liquidity pool.

We have been working on this for a while and instead of just using it as a strategy for ROOT, it will also be a stand-alone project that takes a transfer fee to buy ROOT.


How Groot works:

The ROOT vault will be the sole liquidity provider and it will not be possible for anyone else to add to the GROOT/wETH Uniswap pair. Control of the LP tokens lets us perform the Liquidity Rebase.

In a single transaction we will redeem most of liquidity, make a buy to increase the price, then add the liquidity…

Recap of Recent Events:

  • We conceived the idea of Rootkit less than a month ago.
  • Our seven day Liquidity Generation Event was a huge success. We brought in 5,107 ETH, with over 4,000 of it coming in the final twelve hours.
  • We made some changes during the LGE to limit our abilities to control things.
  • We made countless great updates to the site that were universally lauded.
  • We proved that ERC-31337 works, and that we can spend ETH twice under specific conditions when Uniswap pools are created.
  • We created a second pool, bought for the group, paid the devs, and had a big stack…


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