Space Cake NFT

Three New NFTs released on BSC



All users who entered the UpCAKE MGE are eligible to claim a new NFT on Additionally users who also entered the UpMATIC MGE, will get a second NFT.

The first NFT — Pixel Bunny, can be upgraded to a rare version if users collect three. The second NFT — SpaceCake cannot be upgraded.

Both of the NFT being given out and the upgraded NFT can be staked at for share of fees collected on Binance Smart Chain.

All three of the NFT’s can be traded as tokens on PancakeSwap. Users can shatter their NFT tokens to sell it or buy it on the NFT market, put it back together by forging it.

This brings our NFT count on Binance Smart Chain to 7, all of which have staking enabled and can be shattered for PancakeSwap trading. The UpEcosystem is constantly expanding, make sure to join our Telegram community and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.