What UpTokens do you want to see in the near future? Poll (with the potential tokens)

1 min readOct 14, 2021


We have been talking a lot about the tech behind UpTokens and what they are. Today, let’s see what value do they bring for the crypto ecosystem.

  • Open: Anyone, literally anyone, can become a part of the UpToken community by simply opening their account by creating their wallet. Simply go to https://upmarketcap.com/.
  • Anonymous: You will not be asked for your name or email or any other private information for investing in the UpTokens.
  • Flexible: As all of the system is decentralized and online, you can easily access anything from anywhere at any time.
  • Fast: You get to process your investments faster and earn reward on your investment depending on how long you aim at holding it as the longer you hold, the more value you will get.

Now we would like to know what else you want to see from team Rootkit Finance.

What UpTokens do you want to see in the near future and what should we wrap next?

Keep an eye on the UpMatic launch https://upmatic.finance/#/ as it is next in line.

Follow the project on Telegram https://t.me/rootkitfinanceann for more details and let us know your input.