What is Polygon?

Ethereum has been providing us with some really amazing blockchain platforms and unique developer tools.

Today, let’s have a look at Ethereum’s Polygon.

Polygon is known as Ethereum’s internet of blockchains which uses PoS for enhances scalability. This protocol enables Ehtereum based or similarly compatible blockchains to connect with each other. It also provides a framework for building Ethereum compatible blockchain systems.

Polygon was created to solve the major existing problems of blockchains including slow speed, higher fees and security flaws. It also covers the shortcomings of Ethereum blockchain which are currently faced by developers like low throughput and lack of sovereignty.

Polygon’s well-structured platform accelerates Ethereum’s infrastructural developments along with ensuring a more powerful system with higher security and openness.

Now let’s see how RootKit leverages Polygon!

RoorKit has utilized Ethereum’s Polygon for the UpTether system.

This has changed the UpTether system such that it will have only one trading pool and can only be traded on https://uptether.finance/.

Polygon for UpTether has various benefits as having just a single trading pool ensures easier visualization and value flow.

Due to Polygon, UpTether gets higher security, lower fees and scalability.

RootKit is always rewarding their users and you can join the network or buy their valued UpTokens anytime from https://upmarketcap.com




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