What are the advantages you can get from ROOTKIT?

Rootkit is a team of exceptionally skilled developers whose primary goal is to disrupt the current trends in DeFi and how conventional money is dealt with.

Rootkit is not like any other typical blockchain platform promising services that they can’t event code right. It was started back in November 2020 while its team has been in the crypto space since 2010. One of the members of this team has also been a Bitcoin miner in early 2010. This gives the team a major edge when it comes to knowing what goes inside the blockchain and the crypto space.

Now, why should you join Rootkit and what gives this project an edge over the others?

Here are some of the advantages for you to know that you’ll get nowhere else:

Firstly, they created an all-new class of ERC tokens that are called ERC-31337. Then, this is the first-ever project to introduce and implement buybacks in DeFi as using ERC-Elite allows them to reuse the liquidity on Uniswap. Also, they have created a unique way to pump up and control the price of ROOT. Additionally, they have introduced the first of a kind MGE (Market Generation Event) for the fair launch of tokens. Lastly and most importantly, they can wrap, buy-back and pump any token, any time!




Hack The Planet!!

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Hack The Planet!!

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