Today, we have UpCake in review.

It’s Friday and so a great day for the Rootkit UpTokens announcement.

Rootkit has wrapped the CAKE coin into the much awaited UpCake token.

CAKE is the native coin for Pancake Swap which is one of the leading decentralized exchanges on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

What makes CAKE special is the fact that it gives the users 100% ownership of their own cryptos unlike Binance or Coinbase.

Now that CAKE is a great coin, think of expanding this greatness such that it’s value never goes down, never ever below the floor price, and only goes up.

That’s exactly where the UpCake token comes in!!!

Team Rootkit Finance has wrapped CAKE into ERC-31337 based token, “The UpCake Token”. Wish to buy CAKE? Buy UpCake instead!

UpCake Market Generation Event (MGE) is on its way!

Just 6 more days to go until UPCake MGE starts

They have already proved that they can pump up the prices of their token using the wrapping technique. They can simply buy them back to push the prices of the token up.

UpCake token is launching soon!

So keep your eyes on the UpCake MGE and become a part of this event.

Hack The Planet!!