upNFT Series 2: Binance Chain

upCZ pixel art

How do these NFTs work?

  • Select MGE’s in the upToken ecosystem will have a new NFT released with them.
  • There will be a total supply of 420 NFTs given to different user groups each time.
  • User’s can combine 5 NFTs to create the rare version.
  • The Rare NFTs can be staked for a small share of all future MGEs.

Who is getting them?

The first NFT drop in our Binance chain series, C.Z. pixel art, will be rewarded to various user groups. They are upBNB MGE contributors, ROOT holders, and the largest volume producing addresses over the first months.

  • The top 200 addresses that contribute to the upBNB MGE will receive one NFT.
  • The top 7 addresses that contribute will receive two NFTs.
  • A total of 138 NFTs will be given to ROOT holders, split between long term and new holders, with some for our newer dedicated community members as well.
  • The top volume producers over the first months will split a total of 69 NFTs.
  • The last 6 NFTs will be split among the team

We’re super excited to bring useful NFT’s into our ecosystem. This will be the first of many upToken NFTs.



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