ROOTKIT paves the way for DeFi 3.0 with UpMatic Launch!

UpMatic, the third UpToken, is being launched tomorrow i.e. 13th October 2021.

Follow the countdown here and get a chance to be the first one to get your hands on the UpMatic token.

UpMatic token, like the ones preceding it, uses ERC-31337 which enables its liquidity tio be reused and its price to be pumped whenever needed.

UpMatic token’s price will always stay above the floor price and so consistently more than the Matic coin.

Investing in UpMatic is as safe as investing in any other UpToken as no matter what the market condition may be, their price will never fall below the set price floor.
As today is the last day of MGE, it will be officially launched tomorrow with the first-of-a-kind Polygon Market Generation Event as an opportunity to expand into the Polygon ecosystem.

Team Rootkit has released a detailed article for the launch here

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