UpBNB token goes up as Rootkit is buying back 42BNB today.

Rootkit Finance wrapped the BNB (Binance coin) into an UpBNB token using ERC-Elite. This wrapped BNB token has a set floor price below which its value can never fall and is controlled in a way that its price can be pumped whenever needed.

Now anyone can simply go to https://upbnb.finance/ to get these first-of-its-kind ERC-31337 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. This has created a completely new speculative asset on BSC.

Today, Rootkit is buying back 42BNB which means the value of UpBNB tokens increases.

This is very rewarding for the UpBNB holders as their investment will be bringing back rewards, through increased token value and through staking rewards

This is their first buy-back for this week. Team Rootkit will be buying back different UpTokens throughout this week!

If you want to buy BNB, just buy UpBNB instead.

To buy these tokens head straight to https://upmarketcap.com/ and get yours now!

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