Time is money, Money is time

Thoughts on the money time relationship and how to use it, compiled from notes on the Professors desk for easier reading.

Money can’t buy happiness but it can give you the time you need to find happiness on your own. While most of us are involved with crypto to make money, the end goal is always the same, its to gain time. So why are we interacting with this system as if it’s money based and not time based. How do we directly exchange our money for time instead of exchanging money for other money with the hopes of gaining time.

“ Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic”- some space nerd.

Just because we use money in our daily lives doesn’t mean we fully understand the technology behind it. But we all know the result of having more money, we get more time. Time affects living things and number base systems differently, living things experience time at a fixed rate proportional to some gravitational shit or something.

Number based systems experience time when things happen within them. For example, before or after a transaction. It doesn’t matter if it happened at five o’clock or six o’clock from the perspective of money itself, there is only before or after. We will refer to the before/after as “Event Time”, and we will refer to the time passage we experience ourselves as “linear time”.

By placing value into systems made up of many connected parts, the value then becomes subject to the rules of time of that system, which are purely based on the Event Time in parts of the system and in what order people interact with those parts.

The state of the system and where different amounts of value currently are, dictate its possible futures. By observing a system where time passes based on events from our world, or where time passes constantly, we are able to quite easily predict the future within our system.

By putting our value into a system where time works differently, we change the rules about how long things should take. The garden is made up of unlimited amount of flowers, each connected to nine others.

The rules of the upOnly flower tokens are simple.

  • You can always see what events need to happen to get more out than you put in. (If the % of supply you own is less than the burn %)
  • Buys or sells don’t matter. This means that if you buy a small enough percent of the total supply, there is a one hundred percent chance of profit at a future time. But we can’t know that time because time passes differently in the garden.
  • Your actions in this world can speed up time in the garden, your neglect can cause it to slow.

So what I’m trying to say is you’re a time traveling flower farmer now, Crypto be crazy, just go with it.

OctaLily and OctaDahlia are products of Rootkit Finances UpOnly Product set.




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Hack The Planet!!

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