State of the ROOT #01. December 1st, 2021

State of the ROOT will be a summary post of what's next for each of our many projects and tokens. A stand-alone article will be released describing each of our projects later this month.

4 min readDec 2, 2021


When they all get listed in one place it seems beyond crazy what we have done. All of this in just one year, and the bull run is still on so we’re not stopping.

Big Things

Auto Liquidity transfer gate: All upTokens and possibly ROOT will be getting a new transfer gate that adds liquidity to the trading pair on both buys and sells. Buys are not limited and up to 100% of tokens can be added to liquidity AND given to the user. The trade off is for every 1 dollar of buy pressure removed 2 dollars can be added to liquidity.

Expansion to Cronos blockchain: When a new blockchain is released and it has the same name as you, there’s really no choice but to build on it. We will be launching upCRO to start, followed by an OctaDahlia Flower, and we will finish up with a new build.


ROOT DAO: We are planning to take the first major steps to becoming a DAO before the end of the year.
Auto-liquidity transfer gate: If the gas costs are good enough the auto liquidity gate will also be added to ROOT.
Christmas gifts: Being on the ETH network, ROOT sees less activity and is less attractive to new users. To make effective use of the vault value in a way that will come back later, the ROOT vault will be gifting some ETH to each of the other upTokens.
Website upgrade: The main Rootkit site will be receiving a major upgrade.


All upTokens will be getting a huge transfer gate upgrade if the rest of the tests come back good.

upBNB / upCake: Both BSC tokens will be receiving the same updates. A transfer gate upgrade, massive Christmas pumps, merged pool with both upTokens, and a custom arbitrage system designed to capture value from external price movements of the base tokens in a non time sensitive manner.

upCake: in addition to what's set to happen to all BSC coins, upCake MGE participants will be receiving an airdrop and an NFT drop.

upMATIC: Transfer gate will be upgraded and upMatic MGE participants are set to receive an NFT airdrop soon.

upUSDT: The transfer gate is being upgraded and once tested in a live environment, the BSC pool merger and arbitrage system will be applied to upTether and upMatic.

upCRO: We will be launching the first upToken on the CRO network soon, stay tuned for the announcement.

upOnly Tokens(Flowers)

OctaLily: The website update is complete and ready for launch, the code upgrade is almost complete and will be done this month. We were super proud of the original design but it resulted in too many flowers being made and not enough people buying the tokens. We will be doing a slower release this time, and making sure certain milestones are reached before we open fully.

OctaDahlia: Currently on BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains, we will be launching the first OctaDahlia pair on the Cronos Blockchain. Subject to change, we will be launching two, one paired against CRO and the other against a USD stablecoin.

Other Tokens

ROOTDEX: This was launched as part of a partnership with the Empire / Prism team who have been expanding to many chains and extremely quickly. RootDex is a Uniswap fork with built-in ERC-31337 integration. We are exploring multiple new token concepts that wouldn't be possible on another DEX. The DEX also has a built in bridge system that we intend to use to bridge the original ROOT to other Blockchains so it can interact with the other upTokens.

CHronosCronosKronos: The Blockchain is Cronos, my name is Kronos, so whatever we decide to launch will be called CHronos. Its not fully decided yet what mechanics this new token will use, but the new transfer gate upgrade happening on all the upTokens was made possible by the research and testing being done on for this project.

Websites without Tokens: No major plans for the upFund site that shows all of our vaults and their value. After the ROOT site relaunch, our NFT site will be upgraded as well to match in theme and style We now have enough coins to fill this site out and start using it as a reference point about our various projects. yup, this is a thing and its only going to get better.


Thanks to a gift from ROOT on ETH, the buybacks will be huge on all sides this month, and thanks to the new transfer gate, liquidity will quickly thicken and value will naturally flow back to ROOT on ETH.