ROOTKIT’s Price Floor

1 min readNov 5, 2021


RootKit Finance is going beyond the conventional implementations of blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by paving a new path for the entrants.

Team RootKit has implemented yield farming in a way that makes the tokens highly deflationary. These tokens utilize permanently locked liquidity for generating higher yields and returns for the investors.

What goes behind RootKit’s unique ecosystem is a very special combination of Uniswap’s pricing mechanism along with a fixed supply of ROOT crypto and permanently locked liquidity pools in the system. These all result in the creation of the Price Floor.

This price floor value is easy to be calculated and it ensures the locked ETH can be reused. These permanently locked ETH in the system can be used more than once to pump the native token prices up.

As the locked liquidity can never be removed, it is used to increase the value of Rootkit. This way, a minimum price is created below which the price can never go.

RootKit’s router has the functionality to keep a check and balance of this price such that it can use the ETH below the price floor for it’s deflationary yield farming and pumping the prices.

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