Rootkit the Future

2 min readApr 5, 2022

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

Leo Tolstoy

The smart contract wizardry of Professor Kronos has always been at the heart of Rootkit Finance’s success. But after some amicable departures from the core team in 2021 suddenly Kronos was thrust into a position of central leadership never before envisioned. While the Professor’s tenure has been overwhelmingly successful the time has come for the Rootkit Finance team to turn the page on the next chapter of their epic quest to fix money.

”Traditional style marketing has never been my thing. For me, crypto has always been about the direct ability to make money do new things. So when others left I just kept doing my thing and there was always community help (far more than I deserve) but there was never another full team with all the needed skill sets to make something successful…

Creating stuff alone is not enough for long term success.”

Professor Kronos

Please join us in welcoming @Dogepreacher to the Rootkit Finance team! Doge Preacher brings with him a wealth of experience to the group as a seasoned, crypto vet who has been a part of the space longer than anyone else on the team. Fun fact: you can actually catch him appearing in the wildly popular new documentary, “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King.” Available to stream now exclusively on Netflix.

We hope you are as excited for what we have coming in the future as we are to reveal more information with you soon. While a change in management always means new uncertainties on the horizon it also signals a new opportunity to open up possibilities unavailable to us had we not dared to risk.

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