ROOTKIT pumps all of its token this week!

Rootkit has all the potential to exploit the limits of DeFi and so it has always been doing it.

Rootkit is now pumping all its tokens this week!!!

What does that mean for you if you are an UpToken holder?

If you are holding either UpBNB, UpTether, UpMatic or UpCake, you are going to get rewarded this week.

How will that happen?

Team Rootkit is buying back BNB, Tether, Matic and Cake to reuse it for pumping their respective prices again.

This means, the value of the tokens you are holding will increase!

What does that mean for you if you haven’t invested in UpTokens yet?

It means nothing much but just your own loss!

Why the loss?

Just imagine, you buy 5 BNB or the same amount of Tether, Matic or Cake tokens. Now, cryptos being extremely volatile can always fall below it’s expected value any time. Instead, if you invest in their relative UpTokens that means either UpBNB, UpTether, UpMatic or UpCake, you get an assured price floor below which it’s price will never fall.

Not only this, these ERC-31337 wrapped tokens only go up in value by utilizing their unique buyback feature to push the price of the token up.

Now these tokens present an amazing opportunity for the new Rootkit Ecosystem entrants.

So what are you waiting for?

Go to and get your UpTokens now!

Hack The Planet!!