ROOTKIT New markets, new tech… What do users want?

ROOTKIT is all geared to set up new markets and a new tech direction for the blockchain and the crypto admirers.

What do users want from the crypto / blockchain space?

Safe payments and fast transactions are more than a decade old now to attract users on different fintech and DeFi platforms.

Users want something new, something unique and something interesting from the crypto space now. They already know it’s safe and fast but what else does this ecosystem have for them?

The ERC-Elite token developed by the Rootkit team’s extraordinarily skilled developers is just one of the major breakthroughs that this team has brought forward. The Up Market Cap platform is aiming at launching 900 ERC 31337 wrapped tokens.

UpMarketCap is ROOTKIT’s 1:1 map of all the UpTokens.

Rootkit is focused on disrupting decentralized finance to make money making easier and consistent. They have reinvented NFTs, the conventional staking and they are pros at hacking AMMs.

This team stands out with the uniqueness of the DeFi services it offers and the skills they have including the launch of their MGE (Market Generation Events).

You can simpply go to their GitHub for technical validation and proof of the exceptional work that they are doing in this field.

Hack The Planet!!