Wednesday is full of updates and activities for the ROOTKIT followers and admirers.

Here’s a look into the market brief for the events happening around ROOTKIT today!

The UpMatic Market Generation Event (MGE) has all eyes over it and has just been extended for 7 more days

This means more users now have a chance to get in and become a part of the first ever UpMatic MGE.

Join the UpMatic MGE now for the big launch!

Here’s what Team Rootkit is doing today:

1. ROOTING 15ETH: After yesterday’s ETH buyback, the team is buying back 15ETH again today.

2. UpBNB 42BNB: Rootkit is buying back 42BNB against UpBNB tokens.

3. UpUSDT 4,420USDT: The team is also buying back 4,420USDT against UpUSDT tokens.

Now that’s a pump up for all the UpETH, UpBNB and UpUSDT tokens to bring in value for the UpToken owners and Rootkit investors.

Hack The Planet!!