Rootkit competes in the ETH Global: Hack Money DeFi Hackathon

3 min readJun 28, 2021


The stars have aligned and Rootkit Finance have secured a last minute spot to compete in a hackathon named after exactly what we do; Hack Money.

We have talked about our idea for a Uniswap V3 build that only goes up in price and never goes down, ever, seriously. There doesn’t seem like a better time - that when thousands of ETH nerds are watching from around the world than to release something like this. (To find out more about what we do, please read this article.)

We’re looking to submit into the Hackathon an idea that is an entirely new class of Token. This level of inventive mindset, we believe, will really set us apart from other competitors. We’re aiming to complete the first Hackathon token within the timeframe of the event, but we have two more token builds lined up right after that will fit the category of HackMoney. Stretch Goal: If we push through development at the right speed, we may well be able to launch all within the Hackathon.

What does this new Token Class do?

This new class of token has multiple implementation paths but the end goal and result is always the same, aggressive self replication. That’s right, our Hackaton token will reproduce itself over and over, one could say “infection-like”. In some cases, the replication will happen automatically under various conditions and in others a simple button anyone can press will launch another copy.

With creative and innovative money hacking builds like this, even one of our tokens being complete will be enough to win this Hackathon or at the very least get us into the final. We are aiming to release the day before judging, so by the time the judges take a closer look the infectious replication is well under way.

Was this part of our strategy?

Our strategic roadmap (due to be released soon) contains a number of “hack money” objectives, this Hackathon has merely accelerated our development position. What better way to complete development projects than to have a looming deadline. The codebase will benefit all of our UpTokens and as ever, ROOT will be the root of everything! (fees!)

Time to shine!

We need all of your help.

There might not be much warning because everything is happening so fast, but when we release this if you consider yourself as a supporter of what we do, we need you all shouting from the rooftops. /GOTEAM!