ROOT DAO — Week #01

Our Announcements page is where you can go to stay up to date on what direction ROOT and the upOnly ecosystem is headed. You can also find collections of curated content about ROOT by using the “/filters” command and inputting one of the many commands that populate. In this open community, you can also propose ideas for the ecosystem that will be brought to the attention of a team member.

In our first vote, the community decided we will be adding four new signers to the multi-sig wallet. The DAO wallet will now have nine signers total, and transactions will require up to six signatures depending on the amount of value.

We are now in the process of verifying and vetting the people who were nominated by the community. And we are going to add some names ourselves. Each person will be contacted to confirm they are up for the task before their name is put to a public vote.

As votes becomes more common and cover a wider range of topics, we will begin consolidating all progress and results into weekly articles so it’s easy for everyone to follow progress. With so many releases about to happen, we’re counting on the community to help steer our direction and make critical decisions around the maintenance of the ecosystem.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in our first vote. Who knows, maybe we have a cool surprise in the pipeline for you and anyone else who participates at this early stage.

The only way is up!



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