OctaDahlia Launch

OctaDahlia has been launched!

Let’s have a deeper look at the project and what it has to offer.

So basically, OctaDahlia revolves around the regulation of money to deal with the increasing accumulated wealth of a few actors in the ecosystem which as a result increases an individual’s powers as well. To tackle this disproportionation of wealth and power distribution, OctaDahlia has come up with a solution, the upOnly market mechanism.

This upOnly market mechanism suggests a system that is free from the pre-existing economic assumptions. This mechanism makes sure to distribute the earned profits among all the involved participants equally in real-time. This is how the system ensures equality for all.

This mechanism also certifies that the token prices only go upward and never decrease. All these details have been beautifully explained in OctaDahlia’s whitepaper which you can read here: https://octadahlia.finance/whitepaper/Whitepaper.pdf

OctaDahlia’s official tokens are ORLY. Owning ORLY token is not like any other conventional token as the holders will not need to wait for the right time to sell them out but for a long enough time as the prices go up only!

Let’s have a quick look at how this actually works. Firstly, before the trade starts, the user can access complete data for exact calculations. Then, while opening the trade, the entry price won’t matter as, in the end, profit is distributed equally. Lastly, while holding the token, the longer the user waits, the higher the profit will be.

Head right to www.octadahlia.finance for more questions and details.



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