Introducing upBNB

2 min readApr 24, 2021


The first ERC-31337 token on Binance Smart Chain. upBNB will be the cornerstone vault for the upToken ecosystem on BSC.

upBNB will carve the path forward for upTokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Paired against BNB, the upBNB token will provide exposure to BNB price action while integrating ERC-31337’s pumpanomics to create a completely new speculative asset on BSC.

Please take the time to learn more about ERC-31337 & the upMarketCap ecosystem, via our medium articles.

Changes — TL;DR

  • Multiple group system removed, now there is only 1 large group
    - 77.77% of the value you contribute will be used to purchase upBNB tokens from the market before bots can buy.
  • Vesting period removed.
  • A large tax on sells that declines over the first week will replace vesting, this gives users more options and still lets the system capture value for the upFund from the expected initial volatility
  • Initial fees are 0.9% to buy and 6.9% to sell (plus the above mentioned declining tax)


Is it like
BNB but gains value against it? Yes.

A synthetic ERC-20 token which utilizes the ERC-31337 standard to reuse liquidity underneath the price floor to go up against BNB. Learn more.

Who is it for?
Those who currently hold BNB or want to speculate on the future value accrual of BNB.

Quantitative Analysis
Banana = yellow, BNB logo = yellow, Apes together = strong