How to join the Rootkit LGE

There are two ways to contribute to the LGE

The LGE is is almost down to 2 hours and 2700 ETH has been raised. Below are the two ways you can join the event. Please make sure you read our other posts so you understand the offering. The LP tokens you receive in the LGE can not be changed back into the underlying token.

Method 1: Use the Send ETH button on the site

  • Find the “LiquidityEvent1.exe” window
  • Enter the amount you want to spend or use the slider
  • Click the “Send ETH to Liquidity Event” button

Method 2: Send ETH to Contract Address

  • Find the “rootkit.exe” window
  • Click “copy address” (0x4C66a6f06B8bC4243479121A4eF0061650e5D137)
  • Send ETH to that address

It’s just that simple, hope you make it in time. Make sure to claim and stake right away when the sale ends. Details on how to claim and stake are in the next post.

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