Flower MGEs

Team Rootkit Finance is always up to something new, something amazing.

Today, let’s have a look at Octalily the Garden of Infinite Love by Rootkit.

These tokens have some amazing properties of self mutation where they form new derivatives and strains.

These tokens are natively known as Flowers and they create sub tokens called Petals.

These tokens not only have a price floor like every other UpToken in the UpEcosystem, they have a price ceiling as well. These tokens follow a simple rule that is UP ONLY!

The Rootkit team is actively doing Flower MGEs and these are the events where they reward network participants by giving away Flowers.

Here’s how it happens…

Each flower is based on 3 wallets where the connected wallets own token contracts. The connected token contracts give fees to each other such that they can collect fees from buy and sell orders.

The owner and the Collectors are randomly chosen among the 3 wallets for each flower. When enough fee has been collected, the initially fixed token price goes up.

During the creation of a new flower, the system randomizes the price pump percentage, the fee to be charged and the time before the next price pump.

Each token contract here is unique and so it does not rely on any other contract.

You can head right to Rootkit’s Github for more information or read their detailed White Paper to get to know more about the amazing properties of this project.



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