After looking at multiple layer 2 protocols and considering BSC, we have decided to move the entire upTether system to Polygon.


upTether comes to Polygon

Its been a crazy couple days but we’re bringing it back together and not even a 50% down market can stop us.

Addresses that you need to add to your wallet:

UpBNB system address list:

A bug was found in two of our token contracts. Liquidity has been removed. Contract migration is in progress.

Auto-compounding staking is being added to upBNB.

Rewards start in 24 hours, contract is available for deposits now.

The upNFTs will commemorate a launch or an event, and the rare ones can be staked to receive a small cut of future MGE tokens.

upCZ pixel art

How do these NFTs work?

  • Select MGE’s in the upToken ecosystem will have a new NFT released with them.
  • There will be a total supply of 420 NFTs given to different user groups each time.
  • User’s can combine 5 NFTs to create the rare version.
  • The Rare NFTs can be staked for a small share of all future MGEs.

Who is getting them?

  • The top 200 addresses that contribute to the upBNB MGE…

The ROOT DAO has been activated and the first vote has concluded.

Changes — TL;DR

  • Multiple group system removed, now there is only 1 large group
    - 77.77%…

A multi-sig consisting of team & community members will mark the start of our transition to Governance by ROOT holders.

Results for each group

The MGE begins today, April 12th at 4:20 pm EST on

  1. Click APPROVE, send the transaction that pops up and wait for it to confirm.
  2. Select the Buy Round you want to join, 1, 2, or 3.
  3. Enter the amount of Tether you want to contribute.
  4. Click Contribute, send the transaction that pops up and wait for it to confirm.


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