At Rootkit we’ve always endeavoured to disrupt finance in a way that no other token organisation has attempted before.

Today, we’ve done that. We’ve created an entirely new class of token, one that was designed to change the face of finance.

A lot of you will have been made aware of our entry into the ETH Global Hackathon — Hack Money. Our entry was an aggressively self replicating Pandemic Token that mutates into new variants and strains — it was copying itself into 100’s of new tokens. The Virus went wild! Sound familiar? :P

We’ve taken this concept and spun…

The stars have aligned and Rootkit Finance have secured a last minute spot to compete in a hackathon named after exactly what we do; Hack Money.

We have talked about our idea for a Uniswap V3 build that only goes up in price and never goes down, ever, seriously. There doesn’t seem like a better time - that when thousands of ETH nerds are watching from around the world than to release something like this. (To find out more about what we do, please read this article.)

We’re looking to submit into the Hackathon an idea that is an entirely…

After looking at multiple layer 2 protocols and considering BSC, we have decided to move the entire upTether system to Polygon.


upTether comes to Polygon

On Monday May 31st, 2021 at 4:20 pm EST the upTether trading pair will activate on MATIC. All previous UpUSDT holders and anyone who minted or holds FIAT will receive an air drop of their previous balance plus any extra they are entitled to. The air drop will be sent on the Polygon(MATIC) network to the same address that held the upTether on the Ethereum chain. We also decided that the best way to control the airdrop was to encourage our holders to claim this airdrop manually. Make sure you claim on our website!

Its been a crazy couple days but we’re bringing it back together and not even a 50% down market can stop us.

The new upBNB market will activate at 7:20 PM est on may 23rd. That’s a bit less than six hours from this post, the countdown can be found HERE.

Addresses that you need to add to your wallet:

BSC — upBNB: 0x1759254EB142bcF0175347D5A0f3c19235538a9A

UpBNB system address list:

Transfer Gate: 0x41491742c5b9FcA5963Efde67Cfd8a9a2205CdFb
Floor Calculator: 0x2Cf93f951C44980Fb1790524d4f1a32A5dC7dadC
Fee Splitter: 0x26d24c05798595395173C12b409E349ef888f222
Vault: 0xd22F3E99F7e16566A104A47c9c15e97C6B4Ad122

The “Liquidity Controller” has been renamed to the Vault, which better describes the action it performs.

For many of you this will be the most red day ever, and there’s a decent chance you lost more at once than ever before, maybe you even lost more than you’ve ever made in a…

A bug was found in two of our token contracts. Liquidity has been removed. Contract migration is in progress.

I want to start by thanking everyone for making this extremely smooth by calming fears and answering questions in the chat while this gets resolved.

We matrix dodged a ton of bullets, the relaunch is the time to strike back. We will try to give everyone a few hours before the drop goes out to prepare. When the market goes live we need to go into hype mode and properly celebrate our insane luck that the team found this bug before anyone else.

Auto-compounding staking is being added to upBNB.

Rewards start in 24 hours, contract is available for deposits now.

Staking contract address: 0x023235d84d86202D805bEbE01AB4268E8Df7B6B1
Staking page:
Staking starts: Now
Rewards start: Wednesday May 19th, 6pm EST

We chose to use the xSushi contract as the base for our staking system. Its very elegant and simple while accomplishing a lot. By using a secondary token(xUpBNB) instead of tracking balances, the contract can accept the reward token freely without needing an “add rewards” function.

The contract auto-compounds rewards which removes the advantage some users previously had over others. Anyone who deposits tokens in the contract to stake will receive rewards at the exact same rate as every other user, regardless of…

The upNFTs will commemorate a launch or an event, and the rare ones can be staked to receive a small cut of future MGE tokens.

upCZ pixel art

How do these NFTs work?

  • Select MGE’s in the upToken ecosystem will have a new NFT released with them.
  • There will be a total supply of 420 NFTs given to different user groups each time.
  • User’s can combine 5 NFTs to create the rare version.
  • The Rare NFTs can be staked for a small share of all future MGEs.

Who is getting them?

The first NFT drop in our Binance chain series, C.Z. pixel art, will be rewarded to various user groups. They are upBNB MGE contributors, ROOT holders, and the largest volume producing addresses over the first months.

  • The top 200 addresses that contribute to the upBNB MGE…

The ROOT DAO has been activated and the first vote has concluded.

Our Announcements page is where you can go to stay up to date on what direction ROOT and the upOnly ecosystem is headed. You can also find collections of curated content about ROOT by using the “/filters” command and inputting one of the many commands that populate. In this open community, you can also propose ideas for the ecosystem that will be brought to the attention of a team member.

In our first vote, the community decided we will be adding four new signers to the multi-sig wallet. …

The first ERC-31337 token on Binance Smart Chain. upBNB will be the cornerstone vault for the upToken ecosystem on BSC.

upBNB will carve the path forward for upTokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Paired against BNB, the upBNB token will provide exposure to BNB price action while integrating ERC-31337’s pumpanomics to create a completely new speculative asset on BSC.

Please take the time to learn more about ERC-31337 & the upMarketCap ecosystem, via our medium articles.

Learn more about ERC-31337:

Learn more about upMarketCap ecosystem:

Changes — TL;DR

  • Multiple group system removed, now there is only 1 large group
    - 77.77%…

A multi-sig consisting of team & community members will mark the start of our transition to Governance by ROOT holders.

The address for the ROOT DAO Gnosis Multi-sig is: 0xC976ce22e10571F3779476a1EB08B130995986f8

The address for the voting page is:

The address for the Discourse discussion forum is:

There are currently 5 addresses on the wallet controlled by team members, and transactions require 3 of 5 signatures. We are looking to add up to 6 more signers, including some community members.

To fill the spots, we are opening nominations to the community. People are free to nominate themselves and extra consideration will be given to people with a track record of participating in other governance systems.

The first vote will…


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